Shure KSM8 vocal mic

Has anybody lived with the new Shure KSM8 vocal mic yet? It's the one with the secondary diaphragm intended to reduce proximity effect. It's intended to have some of the same virtues as an Electro Voice RE20, but without the huge size and weight. It's packaged as a handheld vocal mic, but I can't help but wonder whether it would also be excellent for talking vocal studio, like radio stations. Kind of like an RE20 without all the imposing bulk. I imagine it's got a smaller diaphragm too, but mostly it doesn't have or need all the body passages and cavities. The RE20 has notoriously low output, so I'm expecting that to be better with the KSM8. Very directional for less feedback live with monitors. But that can also make it pick up less room noise when used on instruments. So I'm curious about how strong a signal it can tolerate. Of course it's wonderful for a radio station where people move but the compressor compensates for the volume but if the frequency response changes it sounds weird, yet you need directionality to reduce room noise and interference using multiple mics. Heaven knows the vocal SM58 has been used on guitars and drums, and the instrument version SM57 has been used for how versatile is the new KSM8? I've certainly tried the RE20 on everything but acoustic guitar.