Show your PCB-holders for soldering

Hi All.

Lets see what you guys use to hold PCB's while soldering and testing.

I'm working on a version with integrated lights and magnifier, but I need a way of easily rotating the PCB while soldering ( I find that for SMD its most efficient to "attach" the parts from each side and thus I need a "turntable" to be able to rotate the PCB easily)

Kind regards TroelsM
Not the best pictures, but here is my first attempt on a rotating pcb-holder.

Kind regards TroelM


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2014-01-12 4:47 am
Troels, I like your concept. Instead of your 2 piece hinge have a look at tripod ball heads for photography. If you could figure out a way to mount it horizontally they offer a very quick and solid way to rotate and lock in any position (super easy to flip the board to get to the back side). I like your idea of a fan too, I need one of those.