Should I replace Scott 222C phono stage with Claret phono stage?

I have a Scott 222C integrated tube amplifier. I recently bought a Panasonic turntable. the turntable is OK in quality with a new cartridge.

The Scott phono stage is the traditional 12AX7 active equialization with positive feedback. I have replaced the coupling capacitors with PP film capacitor. I did not change any other parts. The phone stage is very quiet. However, the sound is not very good compared with my 1980 Harman Kardon HK725 preamp with SS discret phono stage. The resolution of Scott 222C is rather poor.

I can rebuild the whole phono stage of 222C with metal film resistors and polystyrene capacitors. However, I am concerned about the high output impedance of designs in that era which may be limited in driving capability.

Or I can rebuild the phono stage to a Shindo Claret without line stage. I will bypass the tone control and connect the output of the phone stage to the 500K volume pot before the power amp. can anyone give me some guidance? Is Mr. Kuei Yang Wang available for some comments?

I am reluctant to switch to passive circuit using ECC88 or 6N1P since they will draw too much current and the 222C power supply may fail.

Finally, will the Claret/Scott 222C beat the HK 725? The HK 725 sounds quite good. It has FET input long tailed pair and class A single end output stage with active equalization.