Should I build Dual 18" BR or Keystone 18" with JBL 2279H?

Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my current subwoofers that I use for outdoor live sound, also some playback. All the music is usually classic rock or metal, so not looking for any extreme low frequency. I have 4 JBL 2279H drivers laying around and want to get the best output from them that I can for my situation.

My tops are 2 JBL SRX835P, sub amp is a lab gruppen clone FP20000q, and a peavey vsx26e is doing the processing.

The specs for these drivers I want to use are below:
2279H TS param.PNG

To me these drivers don't look like the best choice for a tapped horn, but they are something that I already have on hand, so currently i'm thinking either build two double 18 BR cabs (These drivers are used in the SRX828) or maybe build four keystone subs? I'm open to other suggestions using this driver, I'd like to keep the woodworking on the simple side if possible.
You are right, the JBL 2279H does not look good in the Keystone TH, it would be a one-note boom box peaking around 45Hz with a deep saddle around 80 Hz. Not enough magnet strength (Bl) to drive the TH at Fb.
The 2279H probably has around 8mm Xmax, 22mm would be Xmech/Xlim.

At 53 volts it would reach 10mm excursion:
No go JBL2279:Keystone.png

Going with a ported box like the SRX828 would be a better choice for the 2279H.