Shottky diodes for MAS6116 volume controller

As per MAS6116 datasheet:

The LMO and RMO virtual ground pin voltages should be kept within ±100mV from ground potential. To guarantee this it is possible to add external Shottky diodes in both directions from LMO and RMO to ground.

Could you, please, recommend which parts (not the SMD) to use for this purpose?
The output opamps set virtual grounds on the LMO and RMO pins, which ought to be enough. The +/-0.1V seems to be a recommended operating condition, not a requirement,
I'd probably not worry about it, or just use some cheap generic schottky diodes line 1N5819.
Using high bandwidth opamps on the output should keep it happy across the audio band anyway, so long as they are not overloaded or slew-limiting.