Shottkey Diode

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I am re-making a +-15VDC PSU for an active XO+EQ circuit that has a total of 16 single opamps and a 6.3V@1.2A for a filament supply.

Using PSU2 I got these figures for the bridge rectifier diodes:

PSU1: Vrms=10V, Vpeak=15V, Irms=2A, Ipeak=18A
PSU2: Vrms=17V, Vpeak=25V, Irms=1.2A, Ipeak=13A

I initially installed 1N400Xs and I took them all out and replaced them with 1N540X.

Do you know any Shottkey diodes (product codes) that don't cost an arm and a leg that satisfy those loads? The suppliers I use are WES Components and Farnell. If they can't be obtained will fast recovery diodes be a better choice or they make no difference?

If SMD, I'd recommend SS34 (Farnell 421-3075) or 30BQ040 (Farnell 506-758). Both are 3A continuous, 40V Vrrm, and The Ipk should well satisfy your req'mt. Both are in an SMC package which is not so fiddly you drop it in a crack in your desk!.

If through-hole, suggest 1N5822, same Icont, Vrrm, Ipk=80A (Farnell 302-2791).

If your PSU is a switcher, your first choice should be Schottky diodes. If it's a 50Hz linear PSU, it really makes not a whit of difference (altho' some golden ear purists might disagree).


John Hope
A big Thank You to you guys for your replies.

Yes it is for 50Hz so I thought what diodes shouldn't matter. However, after reading Morgan Jone's book I guessed Shottkey diodes may still do their goods. Jone says that the switch spikes of the diodes in the filament regulation can be coupled to the HT via the secondary windings of the transformer while using Shottkey diodes the recovery is much softer. I don't have separate transformer for the filament.

But then if both the HT and LT supplies use good regulation would all kinds of the ripples be smoothed out?

I don't know the answer. Shottkey diodes are usually low power or expensive for high power. I don't know if there are benefits to do an upgrade.

Can people share their experiences? I don't mean people share what they read about, but what you have actually experienced from changing diodes. Any audible difference?
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