Short but Memorable Guitar Solos

Almost any rock music fan likes long, interesting solos, but there are heaps of short, punchy licks and fills which aren't showy, but really set off the song. Like:

  • Me Myself I, Joan Armatrading: solo by Chris Spedding;
  • Gimme Some Truth, John Lennon: solo by George Harrison;
  • Taxman, The Beatles, solo by Paul McCartney;
  • I Won't Back Down, Tom Petty: solo by Mike Campbell;
  • Fire, Jimi Hendrix (studio version - most of the live versions are longer)
  • Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty: solo by Harvey Burns, I think?
Many more, of course: you could probably put in almost anything by The Beatles...

Your suggestions please!

Thank you for those suggestions, very enjoyable

I do have the 'stomach and intellect' for other genres of music; Django Reinhardt is one of the great players of all time, and with only two fingers on his fretting hand. There are of course many great players in many types of music and not everyone who listens to pop/rock restricts their listening to that genre.

As Jimi Hendrix once said: 'there are only two kinds of music: good and bad'

Here's an almost unknown one. The song has a long story. Apparently it was commissioned by Jane Olivor, and she toured with it circa 1982, but Ms. Olivor deleted it from the tour live LP.

When Broadway singer Lisa Richard was putting together an album of previously-unrecorded songs, "Never Have I" fell into her lap. The guitar solo is by Danny Jacob. Amazingly Spanish. IMHO, "Never Have I" is the Greatest-Ever "'Jilted-Girl' Song."

The first line of the lyric is:

I loved a man, who played guitar...

So you can just imagine how important the guitar solo is.