Shop in eBay with poor customer service DO GOOD


2013-04-07 3:01 pm
Be careful of this shop on eBay
Hi-Fi, Speakers items in Do Good Audio store on eBay!
Six weeks ago I ordered this rca part
for ny denon 3910 project.
2 Premium Gold Plated Copper RCA Phono Chassis Sockets Solder Terminal
2 Premium Gold Plated Copper RCA Phono Chassis Sockets Solder Terminal Connector | eBay
they accidentally sent me two different models of the part
After talking with them twice
they Promised to send the right part
they dnot sent anything .
After a conversation with them twice
They said that the correct part is sent and not sent anything
Six weeks of lies.
The worst service I encountered
And from a big store in England


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2013-04-07 3:01 pm
I used to buy from eBay all the time but a few years ago when prices for item on eBay went up it just seemed logical to purchase directly from legitimate businesses or online retailers such as Amazon.

This is the first time got burned
I buy on eBay only European stores.
In the past I have not had a problem even with rare pieces such as

SHENKIN SAP 16 and sap 15 transistors for my arcam project

But this shop that also has a store outside of eBay

It was the promise of their last 3 weeks ago
Send the right part
And came to nothing.
Purposely not posted in a start
Their mistake here because I wanted to give them an opportunity to send what I ordered
But twice promised not sent anything
So be careful of this shop

Thank you,

We sent a replacement item when you first brough this to our attention. It should have arrived by now.

Please confirm if it arrives by the end of the week. If it does nt show up we will have to send it again.

Best regards,


Do Good Audio


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