Shiva Mk II vs Stryke SAE1204

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Has anyone compared/heard the performance of the Shiva vs the SAE1204? The Shiva seems to get rave reviews against other subs but I haven't been able to find anyone whos had tried both. I am replacing the driver in my M&K V1B which is somewhat older technology. The volume of the cabinet is approximately 1.8 cubic feet and it has an integral 400 W (peak) amp.

Having never heard the driver I can offer these tips:

The SAE1204 is constructed a little better. Actual lead binding posts, cast frame instead of stamped.

They have a 0.2dB difference in sensitivity.

The shiva has a slightly higher power handling and ~ 2mm extra xmax.

The SAE doesn't play quite as low as the Shiva, but has a smaller Vas and thus smaller optimal sealed volume. The shiva in a 1.8 cu ft box will play a bit more bass (1-2dB from 50Hz-30Hz) then the SAE, but thier responses begin to match each other lower then 25Hz (both about 9 dB down).

ApexJr and Stryke sell the SAE for $109, Adire sells the shiva for $115. In short there's not a whole lot of difference.

I would say go with whichever you prefer.

Oh, if the box is vented make sure you figure out it's resonance, and throw the shiva out. In a box that size the shiva response will be similar to sealed except for a nasty hump around 50-60Hz in the response and more group delay.
Thanks much for the response. I did kind of like the construction of the Stryke. The enclosure is sealed and I am going more toward the lower frequencies where you say the drivers start to match. As I have two V-1B (the other is newer and going strong), I was going to set its cross over a little higher and set the cross over of the unit with the replacement driver to the minimum which is 50 hz. I talked to the Adire folks and they recommended making sure that my existing amp didn't have a built in hi pass at 20 hz or lower which would tend to defeat my goal. That was a good point so I guess I'll hook up a scope and change out a cap. if need be.

I did also download a couple of the speaker design tools but one point confused me. A parameter (SPL I guess) is calculated by the program as the units are dB/W/m and the numbers are around 87 both both units. When you look at the plots of output (dB vs Freq), there are bigger and maybe even opposite performance levels. Although there is a place to put in the box volume there is no box to put in the input power in watts so the output is curious. I assume the output is normalized in some manner and the difference in the single value SPL? is due to the overal frequency response. That would imply that SPL (or efficiency) numbers are calculated/measured with a pink/white noise source and the power is measured full spectrun as well. Or maybe I don't have a clue.
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