Shiva EBS sub in corner next to wall unit?


2002-04-12 4:51 am
I am planning on making the 142.5 liter Shiva sub from the Adire website. Is it possible to place the sub so that it is sandwiched between the side wall, front wall, and a wall unit. This would only leave the front of the unit fully opened. I am very limited on placement options so I am hoping this will work.
Sure. In fact, it might be good. LF waves tend to "bend" around an enclosure. Probably the ideal subwoofer placement would be in a corner, at 45 degrees to the horizontal and each side of the wall. Of course then it'd need to be mounted in the wall or in a trianglular prism-shaped box. But typically if it is set up so it's closer to flush it will perform a little better. It is hard to say if it might perform better elsewhere without knowing the room layout.
You can certainly locate the sub as you describe as long as it does not shake anything on the wall unit.

I built the EBS passive radiator Shiva and ran it for a year. As a LFE sub it was fine but I felt the bass too boomy for music. I removed the PR and sealed over the hole. Much better and the bass sounded better for LFE too.

I think the best sound from a Shiva comes from the 88 liter sealed box, though the 142 liter sealed box sounds like it goes a tad deeper.