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Has anyone had experience building (or even using) a sub using the Adire Audio Shiva driver?

It seems like a reasonable driver to use in any of closed, vented or PR designs. For those who have built a Shiva sub - do you have a design preference?

Has anyone built the reference designs on the adire audio site? If so - have you measured the performance (SPL wise) and which of these designs are suited for HT / music

I'm interested in the Shiva - mainly for music (rock / pop) but a little HT as well. Don't need huge SPL - but not really knowing how low most rock / pop music goes (25 Hz???) - don't know which design will give me "adequate" bass response but minimise any hangover (ie. good transient response)

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Oh, Shiva projects are all over the place. The Shiva is one of the most flexible sub drivers out there and it works in so many different designs (even "Water-Heater" subs with a Shiva in the bottom and a Shiva in the top of a tall, ported, cylindrical Sonotube enclosure). In fact, if you go to (Brian Steele's excellent site) and look at the links on each project page and on the Links page, I'm sure you'll read about something with a Shiva in it.

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dave, the shivas are very capable of many things, they are very efficient and can go very deep thanks to its incredible Xmax at the price. They are the best value for money sub driver on the market.

It sounds best in a vented enclosure and there is one in particulare i like alot,

Best Shiva Application

Check this out, its unreal, pages 20-24, ignore the rest
griff and bam are right. shiva apps are all over the place.
try a search through hometheaterforum and hometheatertalk as well as the links on dan wiggin's(adire's) site.

for just a bit more, you could get a tempest instead, but you'd need a bit more room.

i built a sealed tempest awhile back and think it's great, though not as low for HT, still plenty low. testing will have to wait for my clio setup.

will make this picture overkill site smaller soon
It's all about the tubes, baby!

Seemingly when I hear the term "subwoofer" nowadays, a nice 16 inch diameter sonotube pops into my mind. Sonosubs are easy to construct, and are incredibly rigid and self supporting due to the cylindrical shape, making it ideal to withstand the high pressures associated with subwoofers.

I've yet to try a sealed design with the Shiva, but building my vented sonosub was the best thing I ever did. I matched it with Adire's AVA-250 amp, and after a little fiddling with the phase and crossover knobs (ok, a LOT of fiddling), I've got great transients, DEEP bass (tuned to 16hz, usable output down to about 14hz in room), and it has no problem keeping up with the music.

Have a look at this site, it helped me a lot in my design:

If I ever have the money for a new sub project (not likely, cars are a bigger vacuum for me than audio), it's likely to be a cylindrical line-array featuring a few Shiva's...
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