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Shipping only -- 12V Lambda switching supply

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Shipping estimated at $5.50 in the US -- Lambda LVS-45 12V switching/regulated power supply.


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Power Supply

Hi, I'm a brand new member, but have been an audio enthusiast since I was 14, and actually sold audio over there in NJ for 8 years. Just recently starting in DIY I want to get these Class A power amp modules*, and if you think your PS would be a good match it would help me out a lot, 'cause I'm living pretty close to the bone-been scrounging everything but my screen and mids off ebay and luck.

*10W SE MOSFET Class A Power Amplifier Stereo Assembled | eBay

I have an HT setup with an Outlaw Audio 950 and NHT SuperOnes, but got an old DBX 234 crossover with a missing knob and a lot of mileage cheap on ebay, and want to switch my power amps from their HT duties to a tri-amp set-up for straight stereo music. I want to use these class A's to power my BG Neo 3 tweeters, I have Tang Band 4" Titanium FR's to use for midranges, and 6.5" Audax aerogel midwoofers. I have a 60 W. Onkyo poweramp for the mids for now, an Adcom GFA-545II for the woofs, and a 15" Velodyne for the real bottom. and am using the above power amps with an Adcom 5300 w/one channel out for the center. So right now I'm short one channel of amplification for the tri-amp, and think that until I can afford tubes for the top, these Class A SS babies would be sweet for the tweets. I hope to get the 5300's bad channel fixed to use for the mids, then sell the Onkyo and it's matching pre-amp to put some finishing touches to the music system (Squeezebox? DAC?).
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.