Shipping electronics - surprising USPS

I have placed 3 orders in the past couple days, one with Jameco, the second with Allied, third with Future-Active -- the first two of these distributors now allow specification of USPS Priority Mail. To my surprise, the Jameco order placed around 3:00 PM EST arrived the next day (California to NJ), the Allied order (probably North Carolina to NJ) via USPS Priority arrived the second day -- both USPS priority Mail. Certainly much faster than UPS, as good as FedEx 2nd Day and one heckuva lot cheaper. I mean, it's half the cost of FedEx or UPS!

The point -- you just might want to try it. I rarely say anything kind about any US Governmental Agency as I seem to wind up working for them from January through MaY!

Oh, and I sold some stuff to a chap in Italy, sent it Letter Mail and it got to Milan in 4 days.