Shipping Charges from Hong Kong

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I am looking at buying one of the many amplifiers that are advertised on Ebay, Mainly coming from HK.

The shipping charges for Hong Kong Post / DHL seem very high and there is also a charge of around US$45 for insurance.

1. For anyone who has recently bought an amplifier from HK.

Are the shipping charges actually charged?
Is there any evidence that the item has actually been insured?

2. For Forum members in HK

Are the charges realistic ?
Is insurance included or is it a required option?

or is it all a rip-off to avoid Ebay charges?

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I buy now from Asia and it is best to ship DHL
they add all the customs and brokerage charges in cost.
and alot better then shipping regular mail or
by boat... Yes I agree it's expensive but convenient.
I use this alot...
And I have tried many options...................................

Steve @ Apex Jr.
Valve amps are heavy.
I just bought an amp, Insured Air freight for 24kG from HK to Australia for about $200
Good quality packaging for heavy items can be time consuming and expensive.

I paid $120 for road freight for a 27kg amp within Australia. Once you go over the maximum weight government postal services will handle the price triples.

If the item is less than 10kg the freight should be about $30 maximum.

$45 for insurance does not sound right.

I used to work for a company that imported equipment from new zealand, the items were 3RU rack cases that came to 14kg each when packed. Air freight was about $100 for each box and we were getting at least a hundred every year. We used DHL.

My wife is from Colombia and we live in NY, USA.

My wife wanted to buy her mom a Microwave oven. We looked on the Internet in Colombia for a good deal and they were cheaper in the USA with better features. So we decided to ship one of the deals we found until....I called DHL Thirty pounds and double boxed (with insurance for a value of $150.00 USD).

Ready for this?

$1K over night and $500 for whenever!

We sent the money to Colombia instead and paid the local price. What a deal, I am so happy! LOL

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.