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For Sale Ship of Theseus Front-End Cards: Hornet and Kitty Hawk

Things you have for sale.
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Had a run of Hornet and Kitty Hawk boards made at JLCPCB. I have four pairs of each board for sale at cost, $8 mailed to US addresses.


I also have a pair of Pequod boards for sale too. Built and tested to work. I can include a pair of LT1122 single op-amps on request. $80 + shipping.


Kitty Hawk: As an added bonus, I will provide a pair of Idss >5mA, matched J113 JFETS with each pair of Kitty Hawk boards at no extra charge.
Hornet: I have some of the J111 JFETs in the right Idss range, and some J175 and 2N7000 MOSFETs that are close to their specs, but worked anyway in my builds.

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