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Shiga Transport mk1 parts +

I purchased all this when Vicol first released it.it was made and tested by them.
All I had to do was fit to a chassis,,psu and transformer was also supplied,,i did get it playing first then transferred to a chassis its at this point something went wrong and after a short attempt at repair (failed) it was put in a draw and forgotten about.(the pads are in poor shape but look ok)
At the same time I also got of Vicol audio all still new SOLD
Main pcb
lcd pcb
psu pcb
spare lcd, lc78601,2sa608n,2sb764,+2 other small parts.
I added 2 x cd mech ,,11smd parts for filling spare board .remote control original type ,plastic puck .
in fact all you see in pics. All for £150 plus post prefer uk sale
regards john


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