Shielding Ideas (Cabinet Construction) ???

I have just completed constructing a set of surround-sound speakers. They sound great!!! But the problem I have is in the center-channel causing interference with my big-screen TV (pulling red and green colors to the edge of the screen).

As an experiment, I borrowed a couple of different center-channel speakers (1 from a relative and 1 from a friend), placed them next to my big-sreen TV, and interestingly, there was NO interference at all!

The 3/4" OSB enclosure is using dacron as the damping material. The drivers I'm using are two 8" Bozak all-range drivers and one - 3" Bozak tweeter.

Can anybody recommend anything that would shield the internal speaker enclosure of my newly constructed center-channel?


2001-10-19 4:53 am
Theirs a product (in Australia at least) called <a href="">Wonderwalls</a> this a magnetic paint for children's rooms so they can apply magnetic stickers.

I think its loaded with very fine stainless steel particles.

I have wondered if a coat or two on a cabinet, inside and out, would effectivity shield a speaker?

It would definitely dampen a speaker cabinet as its very heavy, I' d guess it weighs +10kg for 4 litres.