sheilding flat ribbon cables


2004-10-28 4:25 am
Short story....
I need to shield a 26 conductor (1.5 inch wide) flat-ribbon cable.

Long story....
My RME sound card has optional add-on IN and OUT boards.
RME says these boards can be remotely located, with a 1 meter ribbon cable, (26 conductor, rectangular female IDC connectors). I've already done this, and it works fine.
But I need a 1.5 meter cable.....and I found this: M3CCK-2660K 3M | Cable Assemblies | DigiKey (this is the 1.5 meter version).

I want to shield it because of my use beyond the "recommended length"....and just to be safe from possible externally induced noise.

My guess...
....wrap the ribbon cable with shielding, DIY style. (copper tape, or a braided sleeve)

Any solution ideas ?....or do you think I'll be fine with no shielding ?
(a portion of the cable resides inside the computer, attached to the motherboard fitted card)
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