Sheared cartridge bolt in headshell


2008-08-08 7:08 pm
Any idea how to remove a cartridge bolt that sheared off in an aluminum headshell?


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2014-10-30 3:54 am
If it's not seized up in the aluminum you can usually get them out pretty easily. I run into lots of broken bolts on my job. I usually will use a small center punch and punch the surface of the broken bolt off center but not to close to the edge. We don't want to lock the threads together. At that point I carefully tap the surface with the punch at an angle to try and unscrew the bolt. The center punch mark that you made first is the place you drive it from.

If the threads are not seized up or the bolt bottomed out I can almost always get them out. The last resort is drilling and tapping.

so I need to buy a Dremel? It just occurred to me. It could also be the stuck screw has wrong pitch. It too big, else it should not shear. As it was going through from the top. Odd thing to do....

Well, if you want to perform operations such as this, yes, you must have the proper tools on hand and..... know how to use them.
It all comes with the trade.


2005-10-04 6:14 pm
Presumably the screw is steel. Be very careful when trying to drill it as the drill will easily wander into the softer aluminium arm. You really need a drill press.

I would drill a small hole right through the screw (small enough to keep away from the threads). Then gently use the tapered square tang of the miniature file to try to turn the screw in either direction until there is enough showing to get hold of. Gently heating the arm with a hair dryer should help as it will expand away from the steel screw.