Sharp QA1650 images?

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Kai said:
Thanks multi, I appreciate it. While we're waiting on the OHP, what are your overall impressions of the panel?

personally i think it's a great overall panel... granted it doesn't do high resolutions... but it's a simple standard panel.

while holding up a simple light behind the panel, i can see a pretty nice image when playing a movie...

hooking it up to a computer, the image looks great also. :)

i'd easily recommend one to anyone.

oh, and it's got tons of colors to work with :D
I got a sharp qa1650. Like it already been said, the picture and color quality is really great. I also has two other projector panel. One is a Ezshow 840 with a same qa1650 spec. This one i got it for free since the seller dropped the panel resulting a three distinct vertical color line on the left. Everything still work. If it wasn't for the defect, i said this panel is better than sharp qa1650 but it definitly noisier. It have 3 10mm fan to cool the panel :D . My third panel is an Infocus TVT-3000. Don't even know that will turn on. I wasn't able to get the 25pin cable and a power cord to test it yet.
The nView Z 215 pretty much has the same specs as the sharp qa-1650

The nice thing about my panel is the connectors are all standard. (15 pin VGA, in and out)

Watch out if you buy a sharp QA off of ebay. Make sure it comes with cables becuase it uses a 25 pin connector which is more rare than the 15 pin!

- Justin
I had similar problem with the black and white when video input was on and fixed it by adjusting a small trimmer next to the rgb trimmers inside the panel.It is the video level trimmer.If you set it too low is is black and white,if you set it too high the same.It needs adjustment somewhere in the middle until colour
apears.Because it is an analog component it changes value threw time and needs readjustment.If you dont know where to look for it,it is on the video board on the top far right inside the panel.I can not post you pics cause i don't have the panel anymore and never took a pic of that trimmer.If you take a pic of yours i can show you the trimmer.If you are not sure do not adjust anything.If you are not familiar with electronics send a pic and i will show you which trimmer.To be 99% that this is your problem,you must be able to see colour for a while or instantly if during the composite in is connected,you pull the video rca cable and put it back in place.When you do this the input recalculates the level and if you are not so out of adjustment it locks with colours until level goes down or up again,(out of the operating scale),and lose colour.
Ofcourse there is always the chance that you are trying to see an NTSC signal with the panel set to PAL or SECAM.In this case adjust the switch on the side of the panel for this purpose.

This is the project i did with the qa-1650,it might give you some ideas:
nice to hear you fixed the colour problem.

[Also when i hook up my windows 95 computer to it i cant see the start menue. How do i adjust it so i can see the full screen?]

Unfortunatly this panel supports only 640 x 480 in order to see full screen.When you set 800 x 600 it does not downscale,it just shows 640 x 480 part of the 800 x 600.Now there are the horizontal and vertical adjustment to make thinks better but you will never see real fullscreen.Set the rez to 640 x 480 and you will see your start menu and everything.

[However i am still getting wavey lines.]

This is the most difficult fix.
Does the waves move or they are still?
If they are still and not very thick and they are vertical there might be a matter of pixel clock not set correct.Adjust it threw the menu.Anything else,(horizontal lines,moving or still etc.) is a matter of an old electrolytic capasitor that has lost it's abillity to full capasity threw time.I do not remember well the panel inside but in most cases look for a 100 microfarad capasitor and replace it.You might want to change more than one.If it is an smd capasitor things are more difficult.What i do is this:
if for example the bad capasitor is 100microfarad i take a 1/5 of this size capasitor,(20microfarad) and connect it parralell with the one on board on the fly,(while the panel works)and i see if there is some change.Be very carefull with the polarity if the capacitor you inspect is not bipollar you need to use a not bipolar capacitor too,except that and the case of a shortcut you do not risk the panel.

Not to mension that this might also be coused by a bad or long vga cable that receives noice probably because it is running very close with ac power cable,but you probably have check that.:)

If none of these work then you have to do your magic:)
I don't know if anyone has ever successfully adjusted the video trim but I just found a qa-1650 and came across this thread while researching it.

I've hooked it up and the unit powers up fine, the sharp default screen appears in full color. No dead pixels.

However, when hooking up my dvd player to the unit via s-video, the output is only in black and white. The menu overlay is in full color however.

I opened the unit up and could not find any such trimmer to get the RBG trimmers to "sync" up so to speak.

I'd glady put up a photo of the inside of the unit if someone could point me in the right direction of the trimmer. I'd hate to toss this unit, it's really in great shape.
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