Sharp QA-1150 RCA

I have searched the forums and noticed a few posts regarding Sharp Panel RCA issues is this common for these panels? The reason I ask is my QA-1150 seems to go well on all other inputs bar the RCA out.I get a black and white picture and its rolling like the vertical hold or something needs adjusting? There is no external adjustment nor is there a menu on these panels.There are alot of variable pots on the inside but I dont want to go tweaking incase I ruin it.There are no dry solder joints either.Has any one had experience with these panels internal adjustment etc???
My guess is that you are feeding it a PAL (or perhaps SECAM) signal, but the panel only supports or is just switched to NTSC (i dont have the panel you have so Im not sure). Its the exact same thing as what happens when I feed a PAL signal to any NTSC TV.

What I do to watch my european vcr is I pass it though my computer, my TV tuner accepts PAL, it gets scaled/deinterlaced with DScaler, and than my videocard outputs it in NTSC, nice and smooth.