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Sharp QA-1150 Projection Panel for DIY OHP


2008-02-08 11:10 pm

K, so i picked this up off ebay at a great deal, yet got an Infocus Smartview 3600 as well and prefer it over this one. I was planning on keeping this as a backup if the smartview broke, yet I bid a bit too much on the Smartview as i got caught up in the moment and now need the money for this.

It works PERFECTLY. However, there's no manual and on the "special" vga (15-pin-9pin), several pins are not there, yet this doesn't effect the viewing image. I ran vista on the projector and it was sweet. Halo 2 on the PC on a 77" screen was fun. There's also no manual, but if you're putting together a DIY projector, i'm betting you can figure it out.

The picture above says "picture adjust" over a couple screws that allow you to set the picture quality at a set level, yet there are also digital ways of adjusting it using the buttons on the face of the panel. These are one benefit that i wished the Smartview 3600 had. Not only is there the brightness, contrast, vertical and horizontal placement, but you can skew the image horizontally too which is awesome, as well as adjust the phase of the image if need be.

This is going to the best offer, so Private message me or email me at "zeemo13@gmail.com".

If you want to just buy it now as this does work and you really want to get your projector up and moving, i'll set a "buy it now" at $170 to the first person who calls it.

Let me know if you've got any questions,