sharp cdba1700 distortion problem

hi there,
i am just starting to know electronics and i have repaired televisions but this hifi is the first audio hifi i am repairing.

this midi hifi system has distorted sound output. i have checked all resisors according to the sevice manual and they are fine. i have checked most of the capacitors and they seem to be fine.

the right channel only seams to give output but the left does not. even with the headphones plugged in.

i have checked the ic and its fine.

can anyone help me on this i'm stuck?

or any suggestions in this kind of situation?

What i read in my electronics repair book.If you cannot diagnose the fault on the left channel.Try these 2 things.Either test every component leading from the left + pin from the amp I.C or use an external amplifier and test the I.C on them two pins. Left +/-. If you get distorted sound its the I.C.If not it has to be one of the components.
Worked on me for a few hifi's.:D