Sharing a sealed enclosure 5.25" Coaxial


2009-11-19 4:42 pm
I'm designing a center console speaker box to house a 10" and two 5.25, along with cup holders and a junk tray. The sub portion of the design is done, but I had a question about the chamber for the 5.25s. Right now, I have it designed with the chamber shared between the pair. Will the speakers interact because of the common airspace to the point I would be better off with a divider for two chambers? The speakers are Polk Audio DB521

Depends on if you're running this as mono or stereo, and how much/if you care about the sound coming out of this thing.

If my inferences are correct, this is to go in a car.

There's a lot of noise in there anyway, so I wouldn't bother with the divider (unless the cabinet needs bracing) - a bit of stuffing will reduce any crosstalk* to (probably) below the noise floor.

*if run stereo. If its mono, there's no problem.