Share Cost On Sonotube In Melbourne???

I have two really cheap MTX sub drivers here and a son who needs a birthday present, having read most of the threads on building "SONO-subs" I may have a go at a pair for his 21st.
Is there any-one in Melbourne who wants to share the cost of a full tube?/
these are 15 inch drivers and need the 457mm tube but I only need a 100 litre box so there will be a huge waste.
Contact me if interested in sharing cost of the tube.
My local supplier is in Heidelberg


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
If I was in Melb, I'd take you up on it.

Out of curiousity, what are they charging you for the tube, and of what length? I may need somme later for a project and am wondering if it'll be too expensive. I'm interested in the same size tube.


2007-04-01 9:04 pm
Hi Brett,

what im asking you is really way off topic. ive read your posts about pp gm70 amplifiers and was wondering if you can build me one? i live in the US, but im really desperate to have a good amplifier if price will not be a bear.
i have build amplifiers from pp to se dht but never tried high voltage ones.

i apologize if im asking you about it here as i don't know where to contact you. please pm.