Shame about TechTalk at Parts-Express

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Paul Carmody certainly handled that with grace and tact, if not aplomb. His AlEx thread just happened to be the one that yada-yada-yada . . .

Funny thing was, his actual interest was in a knockoff guitar (as it turned out) rather than loudspeaker components, which others mentioned . . . and not so favorably.
Those terms and conditions are unnecessarily strict and will keep users constantly on their toes.

This is strike two, coming only a couple months after strike one, the terrible implementation of the new forum software. They might not get a third strike, that forum might go the way of other late great forums that died.

Forums sell product, the more people you can get as members the better. This will curb participation.

Techtalk used to be one of the best places on the internet to learn passive crossover design, that's why I joined, and I even stuck around for a couple of years (until 2011 or 2012).

Hometheatershack has an even worse terms and conditions policy, overtly religious terms and insanely unnecessarily strict conditions. I would never participate there, although I did join just to download Room Eq Wizard. Their terms and conditions are so over the top I can't believe they've found any measure of success at all, and in fact they seem to be doing quite well. I boycott them on principle - I won't even read that forum unless I absolutely need to.

Techtalk (parts express) mods seem to be talking up their customer service, dedication and technical knowledge as an excuse for this change in terms. But the fact is that their tech support consists of (I presume by advice given) kids playing with WinISD, issues with the WT3 go back years (not to mention the fact that they had to change the name as it was a blatant rip off to steal business from Smith and Larson from people who didn't know the WT2 and WT3 came from different companies and the WT2 is a much better product) and the Dayton mic cal files had obvious issues for years that were completely ignored by PE staff despite several threads documenting the problem. And those issues are just the tip of the iceburg.

Creating virtual walls in the form of terms and conditions to hide the rest of the world from their forum members is an ill conceived idea that will no doubt backfire as their forum continues to decline in participation and active membership.
Parts express has had some good people on it, a lot of very enthusiastic builders.
A tendency in the past to be welcoming and beginner friendly. Doesn't hold a candle to the diyaudio community in breadth and depth of interests.

PE inherited the members of the old Madisound forum when Mad changed its software. Maybe the members of PETT will move on as well.
I've been happy to see posts by a number of core PE TT member on this forum. Personally I migrated away from PE TT to this forum because DIYaudio has a wider breadth and scope and seems to pull in more of a global audience.

I think that PE TT was originally intended to be a support forum for their products. It is run by PE and if they want to limit the content they should plainly state the rules for that. I don't see why they should not have the power to remove posts that they think are working against the success of their business. At the same time they should be prepared for the consequences of that kind of approach.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.