SGI 1600sw hookups

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Hi All,

I've "made" my first projector using a Dukane 5500 OHP with a 3m 6100. After proving to hubby that it does work and now getting a bit of financial support from him, I'd like to progress to the next step and go completely DIY.

After reading the rave reviews about the SGI 1600sw, this is my LCD of choice. My problem is that I've also read conflicting advice about what to do with one. Many posts suggest the Multilink but, at around $300 US, I'd like to look at other options. I've also read about Number Nine video cards that can be a better deal than the Multilink, but then I read that DVDs won't work with this setup.

One post asked if it was worth buying an SGI computer to run the monitor, but this went unanswered. This seems like a good idea and there are a few SGI boxes on ebay at prices within my budget. The downside is that I know nothing about SGI technology or operating systems, so I have no idea what to buy.

If I get a hold of the SGI monitor, I would like to hook it up to my LG Model LH-T6540 Home Theatre in a Box (S-video, monitor video, and component video out connections) and eventually a HDTV feed when I get the satellite TV equipment.

If there's anyone out there with SGI 1600sw experience, please help! What equipment do I need to play DVDs in the LG player and get the video signal to the SGI 1600sw? Can I avoid having to buy a Multilink (or other similarly expensive alternate component)? If buying an SGI computer is the way to go, what key components should I look for? Would a Windows user be able run an SGI box without prior experience?

Another point to be made is that most of the ebay auctions for SGI stuff don't have everything one would need. One person has a monitor, another has a video card, and a third has another component. How can you test one piece if you don't have the other?

Thanks in advance for any help.

PS: In case this info is useful: I'm using my emachines T2085 (memory, video and audio cards upgraded) to feed the DVD to the 3m 6100 panel. This is my primary PC, so I don't really want to permanently incorporate it into the projector system. I also have an ancient PI 166 (no DVD, not even sure if it can support one).
Basically, there are only a handful of choices you can make with this monitor. There is a company(they sell on ebay) that makes a box similar to the multilink, and this box converts the sgi to a dvi connection, allowing you to use different video cards with DVI. If you do a search on ebay for "sgi dvi box" you should come up with the seller. They sell the boxes for 200( that's what I paid for mine).
gcube, I know a contact from the original SGI team who designed the monitor. I know he can help you out with anything you need.

A complete SGI system is not needed to run this monitor properly. ATI and Nvidia still support it's native 1600x1024 resolution and with the proper adapter card you have a number of choices.

If your interested, contact me at: or just goto the DBG site.
SGI Monitor

Thanks folks, but I've decided to pass on this monitor, at least for the time being.

Although the specs and reviews are impressive, I don't like the way that they are "parted out" on most ebay auctions - it is rare that all the necessary bits are sold together. I would not be comfortable buying something and not being able to test it.

Its rarity in Canada is another factor. Shipping and broker fees can make it EXTREMELY expensive.

I'll keep watching them on ebay, but for my first real DIY PJ I think I may go with the Hyundai 17" that's on sale at tigerdirect.

Thanks again for the feedback.

BTW, anyone had any luck in hooking up a PC to a HTIB?
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