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Sey of USSR NOS Capacitor

For sale the following set of russian capacitor NOS. Never used.

2x K75-10 (~PIO) 1000V 50Hz 1uF
6x K75-10 (~PIO) 1000V 50Hz 0.22uF
8x MBGP-2 (PIO) 1600V 0.25uF
7x K50-20 (ELECT.) 25V 200uF

PRICE: 60€ Paypal or Bank Transfer.
Shipping not included.


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Hi jmmbarco

Here is a tip - I found that sometimes people are more interested in individual items. Also, it helps to know where you are vs. where they are so they can get an idea if the shipping cost will make it worth doing the deal or not.

Since you are quoting EUR for the whole lot, are you located in the EU?

Btw - I am familiar with all these caps except the last one. They are all very good for coupling duty. The last one has a curious form factor... if you have more info it would be appreciated.

Best regards
Hi Ian,

Shipping costs are exactly the point. Paying shipping costs for just one or two caps...60€ is a fair price for this pack IMO.
I am located in Barcelona.

Years ago I needed 200uF 25V electrolytic for a mod in a riser card and ordered these together with other types but finally never used them. Frankly I do not know much about its characteristics.

best regards!