Sexiest woofer ever? specs?

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Damn, this thing would look good in an open baffle 8)

An externally hosted image should be here but it was not working when we last tested it.

from the MCM website :

Pro Series PA Series

When only the very best will do, MCM offers the ProSeries woofers. Every aspect of these woofers are designed for musical accuracy at the highest degree. Features include multicore magnet structure, butyl rubber surround, cast frame, poly resin treated cone, accuvent pole piece, gold plated push terminals and chrome plated rear magnet assembly. You simply can't find a better woofer at twice the price.

Anyone have any idea how to get some specs on this woofer or how to find out?

If these are the same series as those used in El Pipe-O, you can find the specs for the 21" version at the bottom of the page here:

Kent English (I think) descibes them this way is the article:

"They look to be copies of a large Focal woofer, but the manufacturing quality is not quite as high. If you buy these, we recommend that you test them right away for voice coil mis-alignment."
oh ya


oh ya and then there is the uberwoofer


that coil makes me orgausm
What kind of woofers are those? Who makes them I mean...

The top one looks like some sort of backwards XBL^2 or underhung... The backplate is insanely thick!

the middle one all I have to say is, thats one big magnet

the bottom one... Could the coil be any further from the gap?
454Casull said:

How do you know the coil is outside the gap?

You can see the windings through the vent under the spider. There is nothing wrong with it except that the gap is completely exposed to get dusty, etc. Basically with an overhung motor all those windings you see are the xmax of the woofer, which is pretty considerable as you can see.
Peter Daniel said:
I think it's a sort of folded baffle, as I wanted to keep the size to minimum. In room response is almost flat to 25Hz.

Ahh a man with good taste in woofers ;)

Which size did you use? I finally got some specs and their all rather "short" on xmax..

How much equalization did you use and how high did you cross them to the mids?

Thanks in advance,

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