Several Proxima Ovation Panels Soon Up for Sale!

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I hope this thread will serve as a formal introduction and a good means of generating interest in some LCD panels I will soon be selling on eBay. So, to start, here's my story:

I began considering building a DIY projector about 5 or 6 years ago. I had owned (and still do) or had access to several OHP LCD panels that I used for displaying presentations in the classroom and in church. Well, as stated, about 5 or 6 years ago, most of the presentation rooms on the college campuses I found myself speaking/presenting at had projectors either installed permantly or available for checkout and remote use from the school's AV department. So, I thought it easier to use someone else's equipment than to continue lugging around my LCD panels and bulky overhead projector. Soon, I discovered how quickly the bulbs on those 'factory' projectors burnt out. They didn't last much longer than my old overhead's bulbs, but they darn sure costed much, much, much more! Made me decide immediatly that I wasn't going to buy one of those anytime soon. Yet, I did like that they were compact and self-contained. An all in one unit, not like my overhead and LCD panel which required me to carry, not one, but two relatively heavy and bulky items. So, I started thinking, I bet I could combine the two into one "box" and get results just as good (if not better) than the fancy "factory" projectors, but with much better bulb hour/price performance. So, I thought about it for a while, drew a few schematics or two, bought any other matching LCD panels I new about locally or found on eBay that had good price points (for spare parts in case I pulled this thing off), and did a little research on different light sources other than the original overhead's, but never really advanced the project further than that. I was just too busy. So, about 2 years ago, I found some spare time and thought that it was time to get serious about starting (and finishing) this projector project. Then, I did some searches on the internet looking for information on lenses and focal points, and I found several sights, including this one, where to my surprise, other people where trying to do the same thing: do-it-yourself projectors. I decided that since I already had several LCD's, I'd build two projectors; one for me and the other to give to my church. Well, some other things came up, and as time does, a year slipped by before I knew it, and just as I was ready to really begin construction, my church bought themselves a "factory" projector and no longer needed the one I meant to build. Well, being that most of my motivation to build was out of a desire to help my church, when that happened I sort of lost the determination to continue, and I am only now, a year later, ready again to build. But, I've decided that I've got way more screens than I need, since I only intend to built one. Then it occured to me that some of my fellow hopeful DIYer's out there my appreciate an opportunity to acquire a 'ready-to-go' LCD panel, especially one with relatively small LCD screens with a high resolution. Plus, selling my extra screens will generate proceeds that will help me to build an even better projector than I originally planned (perhaps one with one of those expensive TV-tuners built-in.). So, without further ado, here's what I've got and what you may be interested in:

I own at least 2 fully working Proxima Ovation 920 LCD projection panels and at least 2 fully working Proxima 944 LCD projection panels. (I say "at least" because most have been in storage for at least 3 years and I can't really remember how many working ones I truly have. But all told, I've got at least six of these panels!) Now, from what I understand, both the 920 and the 944 panels represent the absolute top of the line when it comes to overhead projection panels, maybe rivalled only by the Sharp 2500 (pretty sure the 2500 and the 920 uses the exact same LCD). I did a little research here in this and other forums, and there seems to be a lot of confusion about these panels' true specifications. So, just so everyone knows from someone who owns both, the 944 IS the flagship of the Proxima Ovation line and DOES use a different LCD module than the 920. But, I assure you that both the 920 AND the 944 models have a native resoluton of 1024X768. You've got to agree, for a 10.4 inch LCD, that's pretty awesome! Of course, they both support lower and much higher resolutions through scaling and interpolation, and as I've determined in my tests, they do this rather well. They project clear/crisp images, and they boast very acceptible response time. Don't see too much ghosting/distortion/lag or whatever it is people call it, if any at all. (Still not sure what I'm supposed to be looking for in this regard any way. Just know that I've had no problems.) I've taken one of the 944's apart to get a good look at it, assuming I'd be disassembling it for the final build, and I found that, while there is one ribbon cable to deal with, it is thick/sturdy, socketed on both ends, very easily detachable, and long enough to make it easy to work with. So, even if you did break it, its standard size and double socket make it easily replaceable. Plus the LCD module is already mounted in its own precisely sized metal frame, making it easier to mount in a custom cabinet and elliminates worries over blocking out light that could bleed around the edge of the panel. Further, the control board does not take up the entire perimeter for the panel as I had feared it had. So, dissassembled, it would actually be more compact than I had first feared it wouldn't be. You can even detach the composite/svideo input electronics making the controller board much smaller than its original layout! Not a problem if, like me, you want to plug a seperate tv-tuner/video converter into the VGA in. I've most likely got enough original remotes, power supplies, AND VGA input cables for each panel, plus a few progressive/component/HD? input cables that I don't know what you would hook them up to. But, I do know that these things automatically sense the incoming resolution and frequecies and self-adjust to display the image properly. I can't say I've tried them all, but I have thrown several odd-ball resolutions at these things and have yet to have tried any resolution that these things couldn't display. In short, these are great panels, and I'm sure I can sell at least 3 with all the original accessories you should need. But even if I can only get three complete original setups, I have all the components necessary to make at least 4 extra correctly pinned VGA input cables and 4 extra correctly configured powersupplies. So, not only will I be selling panels, but I will also be able to supply some people with what seems to be hightly sought after VGA cables and power supplies. Right now the power supplies are in the proto-type stage. I've been able to get special made electronic components at a special price that will enable me to construct true, direct replacement power supplies for the Proxima Ovation panels that are perfect matches to the voltage and current tolerances of the originals, but in a much smaller state-of-the art package! That's the reason I took on such a project to begin with is because the original power supplies are big and bulky, and when it comes designing a projector housing, the smaller the components the better. So, if anyone needs a replacement power supply, I'll be your best bet. I can save you from having to adapt an old, and disgustingly huge, PC AT power supply whose current tolerances don't match the original. Only problem is that I was able to get only enough components at an affordable price to build 4 prototypes, since, they don't make and stock these components regularly. But, I was able to convince the company that made the electronic components that I might become a bulk buyer if I could generate demand by having working demo models. So, they gave me a special price on a small quantity order. But for any future builds, they'd most likely have to manufacture the components per order, which would be prohibitedly expensive unless I ordered in bulk quantities. I think this a very unlikely possibilty for me to do unless there's a very high demand for them. So, if you need only a power supply, let me know fast and keep an eye out on this thread for the posting of my auction links, because once the first four are gone, there aren't likely to be any more!

To conclude this first message, let me inform anyone that's interested in buying that I'll be listing the auctions as soon as possible, but it might be as much as two weeks before I can get everything together. I'll try to let everyone know my progress as time goes by. I might even post some pictures with the panels at work to help generate more interest.

Price range/best place to sell.

Well, I haven't determined the exact price point for each panel. It will depend on each one's individual condition. Obviously, I'd like to get as much as possible for them, but I don't want to rip anyone off. That's why I posted in this forum, to generate interest and get input from fellow DIYers on what these things are going for these days. I know that I won't get anything near what I originally paid for some of these, but that's just the way these things go I guess. Hopefully before the end of this weekend, I can get all of them out of storage and start examining them and taking pictures.

$620 bucks for a 944? Wow; it would be nice to get that much, but I doubt I'd ever find anyone who'd pay that. I'll do some more research and set some prices later. Maybe I'll look around for some local classifieds and inquire as to placing an ad. But, I am open to serious offers from anyone viewing this forum.

No one interested in the power supplies or VGA cables yet?
k2jibba said:
Hey this sounds great! are you saying that they dont come with cables? cause if they dont I already have all the original cables for it so that would be awsome.

Please see the first post. I've got powersupplies AND cables for all of them. But, I've also got enough components to make at least four new, direct replacement power supplies and four new VGA input cables. I'll most likely sell/auction the panels first, and then assemble and sell the extra cables and power supplies, all depending on when I find the time to do it all. I'm just surprised that there are so few replies so far. I thought more people would be interested. I guess a lot of people are going for those big, bulky 15" and 17" screens. Sure, their pictures are good, but I thought people wanted projectors, not eyesores!
ukagr said:
I may be interested in a cable. Are you going to sell them here or on ebay? Whats your price and when are they up for sell. Email me when they are!


I had intended to sell them on eBay. But, I might sell them directly from this forum for those interested. I've got to add up all the costs of the components and figure in time I've spent before I can name the price. I'm really busy right now, so everything is slow going. I'll keep every updated.

Progress Update

You guys are not going to believe what I've done. (Well, maybe you will.) I just got the two 920 panels out of storage (a box in my closet) that I knew to be fully working before I stored them. Well, I was going to start testing them and taking pics for this forum as well as the auctions. So, I thought I'd take their covers off and clean all the dust that had accumulated over their years of use. Well, long story short, while removing the bottom glass plate to clean it, it slipped out of my hand and the corner of the glass impacted the LCD screen! Took a chunk right out of it! I nearly screamed a profanity in the flash of anger that followed, but I didn't want to wake everyone up. Well, I finished cleaing the first panel, reassembled it, plugged it in, and expected the worst. Well, to my surprise the entire LCD still worked. Only now, there's a dark spot on the screen where the LCD got chipped. But, all the rest of the screen works fine. That was the first disappointed of the night. And since I've specified it as the first, obviously there's at least one more to come.

After the first big disappointment of the night, I went for broke and cleaned the second 920. Everything went smoothly. (What a relief!) Yet, when I plugged it in to test it, I found a MAJOR problem! The thing will not display a full screen image. These panels have a Fit-To-View feature where you can either change from the input image displayed at its actual resolution, centered on the screen, or to the image expanded to fill the full LCD. Well, the second panel will display the input image at its actual resolution, center in the display, but it will not expand the input to fill the full 1024X768 pixels. Further, the smaller image that it will display seems distorted and out of sync. So, the second 920 that I was banking on being able sell doesnt work anymore! :bawling: Coincidentally, I've had one other panel do this to me in the past (one of the other panels I got somewhere that I knew didn't work). Must be a bad scaling chip or something.

So, there I was with one panel, whose LCD I chipped, and another with a bad controller. Then it hit me, why not take these two damaged panels and make one good one? That's exactly what I did. I switched out the LCD's and now I've still got at least one good 920 left. In fact, it is nearly flawless and works perfectly. I don't see any dead pixels! I'll try to post some images in the next few days. Let's just hope I don't have any mishaps when I get out the 944's!

DIYinTN said:

I'm just surprised that there are so few replies so far. I thought more people would be interested.

I may be wrong, but if you shorten your posts more people would reply. Compare the length of your posts to the others and you can see what I mean. If you still have stuff to sell, post descriptions just like you would in a newspaper.
need LCD panels

Are you selling stuff or not? You have been talking about it forever. I am a teacher looking for a number of projection panels to use for computer demonstrations in the classroom. I would need working panels and all cables and power chords. I'm looking for panels that would support high resolutions.
My Apologies

Sorry for the long absence. I had been out of town for a while, and time has been short. Especially since I work full time, go to school, and have started a business on the side. Not that any of that is a good excuse. I'm sure that many of you DIYers out there are busier than me and still manage to contribute to and maintain your threads. So again, I'm sorry.

To get to the point, YES, I am still going to sell my Proxima panels. I'll do my very best to list the first on eBay today. As soon as I do, I'll post the link to the auction here. For all those interested, thank you for being so patient with me.
Still working on the listings

Well, I was about to list the first 920, but I've ran into a complication. The LCD gave me a bit of trouble today. I think there just something around here causing some interference, but I've got to make sure. Don't know whats going on, but the thing showed a perfect image yesterday. Anyway, 'til I figure that out, I can't list that particular one. In the mean time, I got out the rest of my panels. I've got 4 of the 944 models. I've tested two and those work fine. They just need a little cleaning up.
Again, sorry for all the delays. I know that I've been dragging this out for too long now, but I want to make sure everything works like it should before I sell them. I'll post again soon.
Proxima 820 problems

I am interested in the 920 panel DIYinTN. if you have it posted on EBAY will it be auction or Buy it now?...... i would like to buy it....i always seem to lose at the auctions since i am not always around my puter.

I currently am using a Proxima 820 and while I get an acceptable picture I do not like the fact that the color is way too intense. Does anyone have any idea as to how I can get the color levels down? I have tried the contrast, intensity, signal strength and it does not quite do the job. I am also having a bit of a problem with getting contrast just right so that the whites just dont whiteout , I lower the contrast to get more detail but it becomes a compromise between the pic being a bit too dark or losing details in the lighter parts of the image.
I am using the RCA jacks to connect my cable, DVD and VCR to the panel through a switching device, (works nicely). If anyone has any ideas on solving these probs please let me know. Lastly do I connect my PC to the panel, I have the MAC cable with a PC adapter which has little white switches on them and I have no clue as to how to set them to work. (unfortunatly I have no owners manual for the 820.....if anyone has one please let me know.....)
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