Setting up a large PA system for a festival

Hi, I'm pretty new to all this concerning speakers.
I'm running a medium sized festival. I currently have 4x Peavey 215s for the tops and a pair of RCF 18 subs. I wanted to add an extra couple of subs. Would it be ok to add 2x Peavey UL215s to the mix?
I have two Behringher EP 4000 power amps.
I was gonna use one for the 4 subs. Would this be ok?

Sorry for being thick 😩😂

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Hi Ryan,
A lot depends on the sort of music.
The peavey's are already full range, my gut feeling says that adding 4 more subs would be overkill. The Behringer claims to be able to drive 2 ohm. The Peavey 215 is 4 ohm, parallel will give you 2 ohm which is the limit of 1 amp.
The RCF you did not specify which type. The Peavey UL215 is also 4 ohm. Asumming the RCF are also 4 ohm, this will stress the second amp to the max. Unless the set is meant to play some gentle folk music :)
So, please provide some more info. Type of music, what RCF sub, indoor, outdoor...?

It all depends on what you mean by a medium sized festival. Audience size? Is this a festival where bands will be bringing their own engineers etc.?
If you are running your own little festival and doing it all yourself then you'll probably be fine with what you have but if it's anything bigger you are going to struggle.
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Ok cheers for your replies. The RCF subs are Event 18s, I'll have to look at the specifications again.
It's a beer garden festival but they say there could be up to 800 people so it must be a big space. There will be around 8 different bands throughout the day playing mainly rock music.
Maybe I'll just stick to what I have then. 2x Behringher amps, one running the 4x Peavey tops (2parralel on each channel) and the two RCFs with the other amp (one for each channel).
Thanks for the help


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The RCF is 8 ohms, kinder to the amplifier. You certainly will have enough bass. 800 people is a lot for this set, but the advantage is that the neighbours won't complain too much.
I would recommend a small tryout though.

Set the crossover points as indicated, that will make it a little easier for the Peavey amp.

TYPE OF ENCLOSURE: horn-reflex subwoofer
MUSICAL POWER: 1200 W (RMS : 0,5 sec. ON - 0,5 sec. OFF)
SENSITIVITY (1W/1m): 103 dB SPL in anechoic chamber half-volume
MAXIMUM SOUND PRESSURE: 134 dB 1 m in anechoic chamber half-volume (1200 W RMS)
TYPE OF FILTER: 12/6 dB/oct

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It's a beer garden festival. There will be around 8 different bands throughout the day playing mainly rock music.
With events like this reliability if the sound system is the top priority so I strongly suggest you NOT load any of those amplifiers to 2 ohms, if you had to do it in pinch because another amp died that is one thing but you don't start off an event with a rig setup that way.

Do you literally have the PV215 speaker model or one of the many other 215 models they made?

A 215 speaker can get pretty loud but in most cases they don't go very low and if you try to get much kick drum out of them everything else will suffer, so you really need subs. The correct quantity of subs for four 215 tops would be four 218's or four 18" horn subs... with dedicated amplifiers the same size or bigger than what you have to power them.. so right now you are short a lot of equipment. And don't forget you will need a solid AC power source for this rig, 150ft of extension cords run to various 120v outlets up behind the stage area will not cut it, your stage needs it own dedicated distro panel tied into a HD generator or a local high voltage/high current source so hopfully that has been included in the planning of this event.
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