Set-up for a 3-way Active Crossover

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Hello all!

First off I'm a "First time poster, Long time lurker", so be gentle. :)

At some stage in the future, I'm looking at building some DIY 3-way (L & R) speakers and hooking them up to an active crossover so that I can play around with x-over points, EQ, phase, etc. I think I've sorted out most (?) things to do with the actual speakers, but what's stumping me at the moment is the chain of devices. That's where I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I *think* this is how it goes;
Input source(s) > AVR > X-Over/EQ > Amps > Speakers.
Is that correct?

Another question would be; going through the x-over and amps, would the AVR still control the overall volume? Some amps seem to have a seperate volume control (no names spring to mind right now). I'm also wanting to be able to turn the AVR on, and everything else fires up; is it possible to make this happen if the component does not have a 12V trigger?

And finally, for bonus points, could you name a few 3-way x-over/EQ systems? I'm aware a lot of people use the Behringer, I'm just after some other brands/models that I can look into. I read about someone using a computer as their x-over earlier, is it possible to have a '12v trigger' like effect on this when I powerup the AVR?

I thank-you for any input whatsoever. Also if this perhaps isn't the right forum board, could you please let me know where to go.


Well...Hi !
Long first post ...:)

It may be in the right forum ,since "12 V Trigger" and "electronic crossover" might be included in the digital section .
The Behringer uses two A/D D/A converters to operate in the digital domain ,the A/D might not be used if a digital source is used . It is "best" to have a full digital level at 0 dB and calibrate the volume after the processing .
If that is not your taste ,just for look ...:eek: Viola Labs: Audio Laboratories
Oh damn ! You spend 20 times more and you have less knobs !!!
All the facilities such phase ,equalization are more easily manageable in the digital domain .
For me ,it has to be like this :

Sources > input selector>volume/buffer >electronic X-o >amplifiers

The tweeter might still have a capacitor (enough big to be about an octave below Fc) for protection and also can be calculated for operating in compound with the line-level high-pass stage .

If you have access to the amplifiers inside the AVR and can measure what the input resistance is ,you can calculate a passive crossover
Passive Line-Level Crossover

If the starting point is : broad band control ,gentle roll on and roll off ,insertion loss .... a buffer ( a circuit usually having no gain but has high impedance input- and very low impedance output ) is mandatory .
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