service info needed for Denon DVD1400


2008-03-31 11:37 pm
Hello, great community

Could anyone help me to get any relevant documentation for adjustment of a Denon DVD-1400, or a service manual?

Recently I acquired a rather broken device of that kind. After some mechanical repairs I found it to have problems reading SACD and DVDs - it doesn't recognize them as such. Meaning it plays no DVDs and only the CD-Layer of hybrid SACDs and wont allow layer switching, just like for normal CDs. It tries to load DVDs several time but finally giving a read error. Once I could play a DVD, so I still think some basic functionality still remains; CDs are no problem, but I feel thatthe loading time is a little bit to long.

Laser emission seems still okay and strong enough, so I think that dis-adjustment is the more likely cause than laser fault.

What I mostly need to know are the right measuring points, the signals to expect there (roughly, at least), and a way to get some time for adjustments and observing the changes, i.e. service mode.

Professional repair service I consider (at this point) to be too expensive and no fun :)

Thank you all for your effort, even more so for helpful hints.

P.S.: a small oscilloscope and a DMM are availible, also some experience concerning the adjustments of CDPs.