Series or Paralleled...

I have a pair of JBL Stadium speakers for mains in my living room. I've been wanting to find another to use as a matched center channel but never had any luck finding one at a decent price.

I found a JBL Venue (Same tweeter/midrange, 6" woofer verses the Stadiums two 8" woofers) with a damaged woofer for a great price, and bought two 8" Stadium woofers from JBL to replace it. My plan is to build a bigger box (same size as the Stadiums) and change the layout to a MTM design for my center channel.

My question is, since the crossover on the Venue was for only one woofer, how should I wire the two 8" woofers to it? Series or Parallel?

I opened one of my Stadiums and each woofer has a set of wires running to the same point on the x-over so I'm guessing series?

The crossover frequency on the Stadiums is: 300 Hz, 4000 Hz
The crossover frequency on the Venue is: 600 Hz, 3500 Hz