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Series 500 Hairball Audio Lola preamp for sale

500 System Hairball Audio Lola preamp with a little DIY for sale.

It was bought as a kit sometimes ago, and has been nicely assembled by an experienced guy.

All the controls and the VU meter seems to work, but there are some problems with the volume control,
less on one channel and more on the other. I can send a test report of what I did to test it, and the results.

Hairball have accepted a repair and sent me a repair return number. They charge around $75 for a test plus
time and parts for the repair. I just haven´t pulled myself together and sent it in for repair.

It can be sold without op-amps, but I have 2 Sonic Labs 990 Pro op-amps that are brand new and tested to work,
and a single Sound Sculpture lunch box that are tested to work, that can be bought also. (I will not sell the op-amps
without the preamp).

Lola preamp, Euro 135
2 Sonic Labs 990 Enh Op-amps, Euro 135
Sound Sculpture Single lunch box, Euro 135
Transport in EU, Euro 30


The parts are located in Denmark, and can be sent with for instance GLS.
This pre-amp is sent back to Hairball for repair and setup, and then the prices will change to:

Lola pre-amp without Op-amps, Euro 420

2 Sonic Labs 990 Enh Op-amps, Euro 120
Alternative: 2 Jensen 990+ Op-amps 180

Sound Sculpture Single lunch box, Euro 135
Transport in EU, Euro 30

The Op-amps will only be sold together with the pre-amp.