Separating L & R Channels in the Digital Domain on MAC

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I am currently contemplating building a stereo system in which each DIY speaker will have 5 drivers to be separated by a digital crossover. (super tweeter, tweeter, mid range, woofer, subwoofer). the nanoDIGI from minidsp seems to be a good option, but I need 10 channels, not 8. Therefore I thought to use 2 nanoDIGIs, but am wondering how to separate the digital signal from the mac as to use 2 outputs, ideally both toslink, but I am flexible. The computer is a macbook, currently it is running mountain lion, but I can use any OSX version if need be as this is a music streaming pc only. FYI, the digital outs will go to a multi channel D/A with volume control, so I would like to have the crossover using digital outs- and to the amps/speakers. Apple is useless.

....Or maybe you guys have some better ideas. (I chose the nanoDIGI because I will need room correction, CX, and it is CHEAP)
I have no idea about the dual digital outs from a Mac, but if you simplify your speaker project a bit it seems like 8 ch would be more than enough. What tweeter and super tweeter are you planning on using? Might be easier/better to just use a single wide bandwidth tweeter such as an AMT type instead.
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That's a good question. If I understand right you want to stream to two devices (output cards) at once. I don't think I've seen that done on OSX or Windoze either. Although you'd think it could be done. Running out to a 16, 24 or higher channel count device isn't hard, it's done via firewire all the time.

Hope we can find someone here who knows how. Maybe one of the virtual patch softwares would do the trick?
I sort of found a solution to the problem. With software like Bidule and jackrouter, one can create an aggregate device in the Mac's audio midi setup

This thread explains it.
How do I use the Pure Music crossover?

It seems to be an imperfect solution, but a step in the right direction. I have not abandoned the idea yet, but I am certainly getting close. I can see value in these options though.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.