Separate Enclosure for Power Supply?


I am in the process of building a streamer, a dac and a phono pre.
I would like to have the enclosures as small as possible and so I would like to put some parts a little away.
Here is the question: could I put the transformers and or the (super-) regulators in separate enclosures away from the other items (some feet)?
How long could the dc line be and what cable to use?
If in separate enclosure would it be better to use normal transformer or toroidal type? Normal type would be also cheaper.

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I've built many preamplifiers and phono preamplifiers with separate chassis for the power supplies and believe it's a smart practice. If you search, you'll find a few threads discussing umbilical cables and connector options as well.

When I rebuilt my preamp I moved the power supply to a separate chassis. It made things a bit quieter. Definately like to use toroids. The umbilical cable was short as the Power supply sits on top of the preamp cabinet, but expensive, those multi-pin connecters and pins are expensive.
When I rebuilt my power amps I wish I would have separated the power supply and the amp sections into different chassis, not so much for noise but the single chassis is over 100 pounds and not easy to move except on a wheeled moving dolly. But then if I have done separate chassis there would have been the issue of a large DC power cable between the chassis, and probably expensive. Can't win no matter how you go, everything is a trade off. :)

On another of your points, the power supply and raw DC is good in one chassis, I like to keep the regulators as close the power destination as possible. That said, in my current preamp the regulator section is in the power supply chassis and the DC power cable is kept short.
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I designed a separate PSU chassis for my preamp: it has two hefty transformers, one each for analog and DSP sections, along with three chonky chokes for LCRC filtering (rail hum is low single-digit millivolts before regulators). Throw in a few capacitors & silicon and there's hardly any room left for preamping.
This is the PSU of one of the monoblocks I am building. If I used the same enclosure for the PSU, amp board and output transformer, the chassis would be very large and heavy. Also, I like to keep the actual amp board far away from the main transformers.
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Wouldn't work for me, could never stay under 40lb/chassis with power amps, the 2.4KVA toroid, plus the hugh caps, inductors, and softstart would push 40 pounds already, not including the PS chassis. :) Even with the power supply out of the main chassis the thick aluminum heat spreaders and the large heatsinks, for heavy class A bias, would still have the main amp at 70 pounds. The reworked Threshold SA/1s are serious hardware. 😁