Sennheiser RS 6 (HDR 6)/T6 wireless headphone modded, stripped, repaired-!tired of BT

are you tired of fiddling around with BT headphones?

try an almost vintage (1998) Sennheiser RS 6 / T6 (HDR 6) wireless headphone set. sometimes offered at bay. I modded, stripped, and repaired a set; see photos and description: 20191108 Sennheiser RS 6 / T6 modded - Google Photos

this transmitter/receiver - if combined with good headphones, e.g., a Sony MDR W10 - has pristine sound!

p.s.: to avoid confusion: there is also a newer Sennheiser model called HDR-6. the above is Sennheiser RS 6 (or RS 6-9 for USA market); but the headset of RS 6 s labelled HDR 6!
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