sennheiser pxc 250 repair


2007-12-17 11:38 pm
hi to all.
ive got the above headphones and i need help to fix them.
if you have a set then a photo of the inside of the noisegard would do the trick as i need to rewire the headset back into it.
photo would need to be of the wiring so i can work out where each of the wires go on the board.

please can you help?

thanks ian


2010-09-25 8:19 pm
I am in the same situation.
Here are my photos.
In my case, 3 wires went off.
You can see 2 black wires and a white wire but with no success : I have no sound at all, even when I switch on, I don't ear a click. A low light red cms led is on on the pcb. I don't know if it gives any info.
Maybe by mixing info we can find what wire goes where.