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Selling off parts to fund some projects

4.7uF 63V Caps ERO Roederstein MKT 1822. Terminal pitch is 22.5

I have about 80Pc of these, all new and unused.

Asking €0.25 each


  • 4u7 63V MKT1822.jpg
    4u7 63V MKT1822.jpg
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Harris IRFP254 Mosfets, Very nice 90s production with relatively good DC characteristics, very nice transfer curves normally found in much more expensive parts.

250V 23A are the mainline specs, Look for the Harris datasheet for the correct transfer curves.

Asking €2.50 each


  • IRFP254.jpg
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These are DIY boards with bridge rectifier and three axial 2200uF 25V caps on them. Diodes are HER502 and there is a 20mm fuse holder on the board. Red led plus resistor on the output.

I have two boards remaining from a project, the two boards combined €15.

Dimensions are 60x100mm. connections are wire pads on board. Gerbers are attached.


  • 60x100 axial cap board gerbers.zip
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  • Board 200Dpi.png
    Board 200Dpi.png
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  • Board Dimensions 200dpi.png
    Board Dimensions 200dpi.png
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  • Schema 200dpi.png
    Schema 200dpi.png
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  • Cap boards..jpg
    Cap boards..jpg
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2200uF 25V RIFA PEG124HJ422BQ.

5PC available, all 5 for €5
These are sold.
3900uF 40V Axial electrolytic capacitos. PEG130KL4390Q. 105C caps, with lifetime 30K+ hours Insane 12A ripple current! Very very high qualtiy.

Here is the farnel price, €6.30 each ex VAT in singles: https://nl.farnell.com/kemet/peg130kl4390ql1/cap-3900-f-40v/dp/2435427

Electrolytic Capacitor, 3900 µF, 40 V, -10%, +30%, Axial Leaded, 37000 hours @ 105°C, Polar

I have eight remaining from a previous project, asking €2 each, New unsoldered
These are Sold.