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Selling my tube + chip power amp

12AX7 + LM3886 tube buffer amp

On offer is a 12AX7 + LM2886 hybrid power amp. Never used since I decided to go with Class D amps + tube buffer instead. Got no schematics from original seller but it needs a 12-13.5 volt for the filaments + a 18-26 volt for the chip amp. Rectifier bridge, smoothing caps are included on the board. For further info on the chip amp. Just google --> LM3886 datasheet

The board is double layer, has high quality caps and resistors + connectors. Overall build quality is top notch. See included pix + video.

Regards /Bo

12AX7 LM38886 tube buffer chip power amp - eBay (item 120659359233 end time Dec-12-10 15:12:35 PST)