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Selling an inherited collection, in part or in whole

Hey all,

I recently inherited a vintage stereo collection from my father. And while I appreciate it's worth, there is just no way I can keep it as it should be kept. It seems pointless to just put it in storage against the "someday" of a house. With a couple of major exceptions (The Adcom pre-amp & amp and the mint condition Carver Platinums) the rest is up for grabs. And yes I had to taunt you all with the "can't haves" first :)

As such... I have some goodies to offer. Pictures are available on request.

Reel to Reels:
Sony TC 880-2 (Very good condition, fully functional)
Tandberg 6000x (Very good condition, fully functional)
Telex Viking Quad/Sonic (unsure of model number) (Very good condition, fully functional)

Sansui TU 9900
Harman Karden Citation III (Sadly no idea where the Citation II amp went, I may find it crated but at this point he was using others)

Solid State Contollers/Noise Reducers/Equalizers:
Harman Karden Citation A
DBX II Model 128
Soundcraftsman RP2204
SAE 5000A

Pioneer PL-510A
Sony 2251
Benjamin Miracord ELAC 50H

This is just a partial list. This was a permanent collection with a beautiful wood wall unit custom made. I will post a pic as well.

I also have a huge collection of vinyl, both 45 and LPs. The albums themselves are pristine but the sleeves, alas have not weathered the years so well, due to smokers in the house.

I also have commercial reel to reel recordings, with the same caveat as the albums.

Feel free to email, message or call 812-251-5877 with any questions!