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Selling a Home Theater Set

I curently have a set of 5 fully finish speakers using the amazing Tang Band W3-871S. The set of 5 is based on the ELF 5.1 kit from Creative Sound Solutions. I modified the box deminsion to look a little more apealing but the volume, and port size are identical. I've included a link for more information about the design at the bottom of this post. Basiclly, it is a full range driver with amazing imaging and off axis response placed in a well braced box. I built 2 subs to go along with the satalites. They are powered by a 250 watt amp and are designed to be placed on either side of the listening position to minimize localization of high sub notes.

I'm writing to see if anyone here would be intrested in more information about purchasing the kit. I am a designer and have become a faily good carpenter. I'd give the build quality a solid 8 of 10. The cabnets are made of solid maple and birch veneers. I live in Dallas and would really rather not ship the whole thing so local folks are prefered. (the subs are pretty big and heavy) I'm working on some pictures and if there is a good response to this post I will provide more spacific information. I'd also be happy to have anyone in the area over to for an audition.