Selling 2 LCD panels, MH ballast/bulb, lenses

Hi everybody. I'm moving into a new apartment in the next couple weeks, and my new roommate has a real projector for us to use. I don't really have room for two, and I could use the money I spent on my DIY projector, so I'm selling my setup. I have two 15" monitors, a 400w magnetic metal halide ballast, a 400w metal halide bulb that also works in HPS setups, a triplet projection lens and two fresnel lenses for 15" panels. To make things easy, I just listed everything on eBay. Everything is described there thoroughly. Here's my auctions page:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away.
I noticed that lots of other buyers were hiding bidders identities also. I assume that it's because MH products are popular with those folks who would like to use them for growing illegal plants. I obviously bought mine for a projector, but I don't care what people want to do with my stuff if they buy it, so if it means that more people will bid on my stuff, I'll make it a private auction.

Thanks for looking. I hope that clears things up.