Self driving cars are here. Thoughts?

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A loooong way from general road use in the real world.
Every day I drive in situations where an autonomous vehicle would utterly fail, with today's tech.

Wrong. Did you look at the stuff i posted?

Real people in these cars in a country that loves to sue. And they must be confident, one bad crash would set them back years. The cars speed will increase in no time.
Well, where I live they could only drive during the end of spring, summer, and part of fall. They're not going to work in snow very well. At least without 5G and it being very invasive they won't. They don't have a way to navigate when they can't see anything.

The current ones have drivers for safety who aren't support to not look at the road... pointless for a consumer but ok for testing.

I'm not sure how anyone expect them to reduce crashes when a huge portion of idiots won't be able to afford one (probably 90% or better).

Also be prepared for them to adjust for traffic. They'll drive slow to prevent congestion that isn't on your road... It's going to feel silly.

Did anyone see Wolverine? They have self driving trucks that don't stop for animals in the road way and some horses get loose and are running around the road... Things will come up.
HA! You call that snow? Where's the intersections you have to slow down for a block ahead so you don't slide through? Where's the 6 inches of snow on the road? Do they know how to accelerate to get up a hill even when they're slipping a little or do they act like all traction control that'll make you slide back down the hill? Plz

When they're "blind" they can still read some things but not enough. All the videos are like Seattle's idea of snow or plowed roads...
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What I don't get is why all cars have not as yet been equipped with the ability to instantly daisy chain at a stop light or wherever there is congestion, overridable by touching the brake peddle like with cruise control. "Hey @#$%, turn on your auto-pilot, your holding up the traffic!

Actually, I think that's where we're headed. Not steering, just the petrol
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Then there’s the confusion that I can only imagine a computer vision vehicle would have in construction zones, like say the McKenzie interchange project in my home town. An almost three year project in which painted lines are scraped off and repainted (or not), or temporary orange cones are used to mark lane changes - often that contradict those painted on the roads, not to mention the combination of telegraphing of old scraped off markings in the rain at night, and any barely visible proper lines that might remain. In our Province, the use of high visibility reflective paints have been banned due to environmental concerns - but at least our city has a great network of two-way bike lanes that get cleared of snow before the sidewalks and bus lanes.

I’m still most likely to concur with pelanj - the only fully autonomous vehicle I’d ever entertain would be the ambulance carting my remains to the crematorium.

This burr is getting uncomfortable in my saddle, time for a stroll.
Trains will be first as it is a lot easier to get them to work safely.
Cars will be a long way away in UK as the roads are like patchwork quilts even 6 months after they have been resurfaced.
The utilities just dig them up again as soon as the new surface has been laid.
I have seen a heating/cooking gas company dig a road up again the morning after a new surface has been laid here in the UK.
I can stick a camera out of my front window to show you what autonomous vehicles would have to contend with.
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