Selection of proper wire for Ferrite core


2007-06-11 6:06 am
unavoidable effect if the frequency is 50khz and up and if it’s a 500w up design, don’t really worry about skin effect cos my favourite frequency is 25khz, bmax +- 1000 to 1500, never had a problem with this settings, till now i manage to smoke some fuse and some wire but no fets,
xyz9915 said:
Please help me that how do I determine proper wire size in SMPS for building a ferrite core transformer.

You choose wire size by current density such as Circular Mills per Ampere... 500cm/A to 800cm/A is the general range, since you always lean towards the higher, provided you can fit it...
Once you determine the wire size in cm for the given current.. You then look at the switching frequency skin effect.... Which is usually always a factor... You then divide up the Circular Mills you choosen into more smaller wires in parallel that also add up to same cm....The wire gauge you choose is based on the skin effect.... For example # 27AWG is the largest single wire you want to use with 200kHz based on skin effect...