Selecting a project

I've been reading this forum and gathering information for a number of weeks now (this forum is hands-down the best), and think I am ready to jump into my first diy speaker. My hopes were to start with an existing design or a kit with the following characteristics: 2-way, MTM or TM, simple box construction (ie no TL design), >92 dB, 8 ohm nominal for around $500, but the beast doesn't seem to exist.

So here are my questions:
1) Is there something out there that meets my desires that I just haven't found?
2) The 90 db and 8 ohm are to leave options open for building maybe a SET tube amp or Pass Zen amp latter. If I have to compromize on my original specs, what is reasonable?
3) If original specs are ok, any feedback on the BESL Series 2.4? They are the front runner right now.

My current setup is a 25W NAD receiver, Rega Planar 3/Grado Red, and a Yamaha CD player (that will be replaced soon)

Thanks for any info.


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-04-03 7:15 pm
Rotherham, England
Hi Hewie

If you can get the drivers over on your side of the pond, I would recommend the World Audio Design KLS10.

It comes in at 8ohm and 89dB efficiency, and sounds absolutely stunning with valve amps. (I used to have a pair, with the old maplins valve amp kit, they sounded great, but the upgrade bug struck!!!).

They also have a matching sub, although I would ditch the passive crossover and build an active one instead.

Hope this helps...