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SEEN IN LOS ANGELES: huge pro-sound 18" with Eminence Kilomax for $100 each


Saw this on the Craigslist, and wanted to pass it along in case anyone's interested:

18" Aura / Eminence professional subwoofer

FWIW: I have a ~130 liter sealed box (roughly 22" high by 19" width/depth) with an 18" cutout I can sell for $35 if someone wants to convert one of these for home use. Qtc works out to 0.787 in Unibox, with 101db at Xmax at 20 Hz - not too shabby, especially considering these drivers should have no thermal compression whatsoever in a home environment (1250 RMS rating!).

Just a heads-up,


These professional concert subwoofers go well with the large concert speakers. I used to run them under my EAW la325 speakers, with 1200 watts @8ohm into them. The cabinets are Aura RS8.1 cabinets, but I replaced the drivers with Eminence Kilomax Pro 18a drivers, which are much more robust and have easily available parts.

These are large: 23" wide by 30" deep and 36" high. They weigh approximately 150 lbs each.

I have four speakers for sale at $100 each.
That's less than half the price the drivers would cost by themselves!!

If you buy all four, I'll also sell you a the Crown xti6002 amp with them that's got the right crossovers already programmed in -- plug in and play for either one or two subwoofers per side: Whole package including cables: $1400.

Cash only. You pick up.
These are large and heavy. You'll need a van or pickup truck to haul them. They will not fit in a car (or even through the door of one). If you just want the drivers, I'm going to insist that you take the cabinets too, and dispose of them yourself.