Seeking Simple DAP USB Player

I have USB thumb drives with music on them, transferred from my PC.

I wish to take the files, ogg, wav, flac, ape, etc, and put them in the USB, walk this into the living room, and connect this USB to a box that then sends the data to a reclocker via various data forms (USB, spdif, fibre, coax) and then onto an ODAC or DAC, then on to a preamp, then to the amplifier and the speakers.

This is to buy, not design and build. To buy.

I do not want to move my PC into the living room.
I do not want to move my stereo next to the PC.
I do not want to run wires.

I want to take a USB thumb stick drive and insert it into a box that then will play the digital audio tracks and send the digital USB information on to the next box in the chain.

I need this device to have a USB 2.0 interface slot in the front so that I can insert a USB 2.0 thumb drive. This device will then play the digital information and send it to the reclocker.

What is this device category and what are they called?