seeking peerless cone mid model

I ruined the Peerless ko40mrf cone midrange from one of my B&O Beovox 4703 cabinets. I liked the sound so much I removed the mid can assembly to see if I could read a make and model number stamp on the rear. I made the mistake of removing the deeply recessed bolt holding the magnet structure centered and aligned in the can. The driver has no basket frame and once unbolted, fell out of the can, ripping away the tinsel leads and foam ring surround, both attached to the plastic can. I will try to fix it, but its future looks dim. I want to buy an original replacement, and will search for this model under its peerless model number, but wish to search also under the model names of other speaker boxes that used it besides the B&O 4703 and the Mission 720 and the Gale line. Boxes being dismantled will probably not list the id number of the Peerless since there are none on it and therefore I need to search the box ID. Help if you can. Thanks for your patience.
thanks, but it needs more than new foam.

The tinsel leads pulled out of the cone and coil winding, and the cone and coil are torn and bent and there is no continuity to any of it. It could have been shot point - blank by a gun and be no further beyond hope. I have dismantled and restored many coils and cones and such, buy this one doesn't even have a basket/ frame to hold everything together. I would bet more money on getting my old 1963 Benrus graduation watch going again. I can always try, and I probably will, but if I could find a crumbly bad foam one, in the meantime, I will be delighted. Once a speaker gets this shot, with the delicate aluminum voice coil all wrinkled like a crushed car exhaust pipe, the chances of ever getting it going reliably again are mighty slim.I will try for bragging rights to fix, but my main hope is with you guys. Thanks. I never should have tried to remove the driver from the plastic can holding it. Once I loosened the bolt in back, the whole shebang came rocketing out the front, bounced off the desktop, and onto my fooy. Advice, friends... approach curiosity dismantling with caution.


2009-03-31 6:11 pm
Bass units in Beovox 4703

Hi, I have a problem with a pair of Beovox 4703 speakers. In one speaker, both bass units are stuck. Any idea how to free them, or where to get replacements? Also, do you know the make of the bass units and tweeter in this model. Are they both by Peerless?